viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


March 8th 2012 Students from Hayle Community School (U.K.) and students from I.E.S. "La Rosaleda" (ES) held our second videoconference. I believe we all made a great effort and had a good time. The presentations were superb. We were all a bit nervous because each group of students had to vote on the best presentation. This was a hard task because all of them were very good. However, we had to say which one was going to be the one that would represent Guacaleda in Cornwall, and these were the final votes: DESIGN 3: 3 votes DESIGN 4: 9 votes DESIGN 5: 8 votes DESIGN 2: 2 votes CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE Students from Hayle Community School voted on our logos too. They decided on the best Spanish logo that will represent Currently Cornish in Spain. In the next post we will show both of them together!!!

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