martes, 27 de marzo de 2012


Here we have our new advertisment for Currantly Cornish!! Students have done a fantastic job. You can read the original documents as well as the story Natalia and I made together out of the students work.

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012


Photo Cube Generator
We celebrate the 200th year aniversary of the first Spanish Constitution in 1812. It is called "La Pepa". If you want to know more about it, please follow the link to It is a very easy and funny way of learning as you are playing. For this reason some groups of students at the Institute have created several activities. Let me show you this Human Tower that students from the first course of "Técncio Superior de Actividades de Animación Físico-Deportivas" have done today. The first year students from PCPI Metal Work also took part in the bicentenary celebrations by making a metal figure of ´La Pepa´, which can be used as a pendant, a brooch, or a keyring. Students from the Second Year of "LENGUA DE SIGNOS" which is a Vocational Training course (High Level) has participated too ¡VIVE LA PEPA! ¡VIVA LA PEPA! Have a look at these bookmarks!!! aren´t they cool?!!! It is a fantastic job done by students from the First Year of "Técnicos en Preimpresión" (1PI). There are four different bookmarks. Silvia´s design is very classic. She researched well to include specific symbols including the logo of this important event. Irene´s design is very creative. She played around with the layout as well as the image of La Pepa. Jaime´s design is well thought out.He designed both sides of the bookmark using a superb font for the text. Alejandro´s design reminds me of Andy Warhol´s paintings. These four projects are excellent and their teachers who are Manuel Bordajandi and Victor Pazo should be proud. El trabajo que te presento sobre estas lineas ha sido realizado por los alumnos del primer curso de Cocina del PCPI.Este es el trabajo preparado por el profesor Juan M.Valderrama y sus alumnos!!, ¿Exquisito, eh? Jose David Triguero, profesor de EE MM de Educación Física ha organizado estas actividades para que dos alumnos del Centro de 2º del TSAAFD las desarrollen. Una vez organizadas y planificadas por los propios alumnos, estos tendrán que conseguir interesar a Centros de Primaria y que estos contraten dichas actividades para los alumnos de sus colegios. Los alumnos del TSAAFD deberán desarrollar un plan para lanzarlas y promocionarlas entre dichos Centros y así obtener algunos beneficios. Se trata pues de un proyecto enmarcado dentro de la Cultura Emprendedora que fomenta la Junta de Andalucía. NO PERDAIS LA OPORTUNIDAD DE APRENDER JUGANDO CON LA PEPA 2.0!!!

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


March 8th 2012 Students from Hayle Community School (U.K.) and students from I.E.S. "La Rosaleda" (ES) held our second videoconference. I believe we all made a great effort and had a good time. The presentations were superb. We were all a bit nervous because each group of students had to vote on the best presentation. This was a hard task because all of them were very good. However, we had to say which one was going to be the one that would represent Guacaleda in Cornwall, and these were the final votes: DESIGN 3: 3 votes DESIGN 4: 9 votes DESIGN 5: 8 votes DESIGN 2: 2 votes CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE Students from Hayle Community School voted on our logos too. They decided on the best Spanish logo that will represent Currently Cornish in Spain. In the next post we will show both of them together!!!

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012


Students from the first year of Travel Agency had one hour to make a power point presentation to commemorate this Day. Each student looked for an important woman with some important information. They managed to end up the presentation and got a very good mark for this research. We also had a good time.