martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

A group of Remarkable Future Entrepreneurs

During this academic course students in the second year of "Skilled Technician in Restaurant Service" from I.E.S. "La Rosaleda" (Málaga) are going to elaborate on an ice-cream and prepare the marketing campaign for the product.

La Rosaleda is taking part in a Comenius Regio Partnerships Project which is called:
Using New Language outside the classroom (U.N.L.O.C.).

Let me explain to you what kind of project this is:


Last year a group of teachers came to Málaga to have our first meeting. We prepared a power point presentation about our idea for the product, that is, The Ice-Cream we were thinking about. 

Would you like to have a look?



You can also click on that "poster of the ice-cream"  and you will have an idea of what the students will have to do on their own.

Right now the students are searching for some information about all the ingredients, their characteristics, the places where they are commonly cultivated in the province of Málaga  and more information will follow later on.

Let me introduce these future entrepreneurs who are willing to show to all of you all the ideas they have.

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  1. Una visita rápida, hoy, para invitarle a que conozca y participe de la III Feria Provincial de Productos Ecológicos que se está celebrando en Málaga, hasta mañana a las 20 horas, en la Plaza de la Marina, en el centro de Málaga.
    35 puestos, donde habrá verdura, frutas, quesos, miel, vino, textil, mermeladas, legumbres, frutos secos, especias, bebidas, pan, etc... todo ecológico.